The cheerful design of the central atrium at the Institute for Health Professional Development in Avignon

Upholstered poufs for lounging

Wanting to add a surprise effect to the interior and make the central atrium more attractive, the designers created a series of hanging units placed along the passages on the first and second levels. They were conceived as mini-segments for real interaction between staff, students, and teachers.

The staggered arrangement of the units provides an effective focus on the previously empty atrium space. Ultimately, these objects participate in shaping both the identity and functionality of the design.

The interior of the institute
Suspended box in yellow
Institute Corridor
Stairs in the building
The staircase in white
Institute interior

This renovation project has laid the foundations for the sustainable development of the Institute's infrastructure, whose activities are expanding year by year.

Photo: Paul Kozlowski ©photoarchitecture.

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  1. Oakley

    looks vibrant and inviting. I wonder how the design of the space impacts the well-being and motivation of the professionals working there? Has any research been done on the effects of such cheerful designs on productivity and job satisfaction?

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