50 stunning ideas for indoor pools – chic designs by famous designers

Stunning pool in the style of a medieval castle with a fireplace and stone ethnic statues

Such a construction in your home allows you to hone your swimming skills and decorate your interior. The swimming pool combines aesthetics and ergonomics in a rather fascinating manner. These beautiful bodies of water will decorate your home spa and add style and elegance to your workout space. We bring you 50 stunning indoor pool ideas.

Roman style pool with colonnade and bas-reliefs of lion heads
Minimalist pool surrounded by stone walls
Cozy pool with home theater and sofa group for relaxing and partying
Gorgeous indoor pool with a ceiling that looks like the northern lights in the sky
Another superb example of original design, styled as a sea cove with a beautiful waterfall

The spectacular and sensational Escape!

One of the most popular themes for building indoor pools is to create “the world in the world”. This option will perfectly help you detach from the hustle and bustle of the world, go to the space of rest and tenderness.

Themes for such extravagant structures are quite diverse and depend mainly on the space available to you and personal preferences. You can always bring a little tropical flair into your home. Use some exotic palm trees, build a tiered waterfall with natural stones and add the right lighting.

A waterfall in an indoor pool
Miraculous pool repeating a huge stone cave

Intricately colored ceilings and LED lights create the illusion of a starry sky. You can easily transport yourself to Las Vegas in your own pool, with a sauna or whirlpool tub, with the right decorations. Incredible and beautiful, these pools can create a whole new world around you!

Indoor pool with views of the mountain landscape
An indoor pool with a painted sky on the ceiling and a pearl shell decoration
Gorgeous desert oasis style pool
Swimming pool with a transparent roof, offering a beautiful view of the sky

Blurring the edges

We have gotten used to the fact that when it comes to indoor pools our minds conjure up images of four concrete walls around the water. But this scheme applies to regions with colder climates. Those who are more fortunate with the weather can always find the perfect compromise.

Mixed-use versions of indoor pools, with sliding roofs or transparent walls, allow you to enjoy both worlds. Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors they let you in touch with nature. And you are well protected from the weather.

Indoor pool filled with daylight sunshine
A small pool with a transparent roof and stone slab floor

Large transparent pool roofs create abundant natural light and ventilation, giving this structure a unique atmosphere. It is as if you are in a glass house.

Many of these pools have the handy feature of switching between watching a beautiful panorama and maintaining complete privacy when needed. The newest trend is to combine modernity with originality.

Comfortable pool with glass roof in the form of a lagoon
Romantic indoor pool interior
A classic colonnade pool design

The center of attention

Lighting always plays a big role in the interior of your rooms. Indoor pools are no exception. The right light sets the overall tone of the picture you want to create. No one will like the semi-darkness that reigns in the pool, which hides poorly cleaned dirt.

The lighting must be in harmony with the theme you have chosen. Try combining several levels of lighting to give different effects and create the right overall mood.

Luxurious palatial style pool
Enclosed pool in a modern Art Nouveau style

If you are a fan of traditional lighting fixtures, feel free to use chandeliers in combination with a few lanterns styled as torches. The use of large glass windows and transparent screens perfectly saves electricity during the day. Great lighting will create a living pool effect and accentuate the trendy details of the interior.

Cushioned pool with gorgeous mosaic pattern at the bottom
Modern pool interior with a blue slide
A great pool for the champion swimmer with a sky-reflecting bottom
Indoor pool with fountain jets
A simple but nevertheless refined interior design of an indoor pool
Eco-style indoor pool design
A small indoor pool with a wall lined with mosaics
An enclosed pool in a gym
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