Cozy wooden lake house combines the warmth of wood with an open interior

Design Maine Lake Retreat in Canada

Designed by Stenheimer Studios Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects The stylish cottage combines rustic cabin architecture and sophisticated modern design elements. Cozy rooms offer a magnificent panorama of the surrounding woods. Interesting decor idea – birch wood interior trim which defines the aura of the whole mansion. Vaulted ceilings, large windows and small skylights not only allow for natural ventilation, but also give the interior a spacious and light appearance.

The mansion is perfect for those who want Create a homey style. Note how pleasing to the eye the large living room, where a contrasting stain stands out Dark stone fireplace. On cool evenings, you light a fire to listen to the wood crackle and catch the play of light and shadow over a cup of tea. An opulent kitchen delightfully juxtaposes wooden furniture fronts with black marble countertops and ornate ceramic murals. The neat bedroom and bathroom are designed in a simple and elegant way.

Climbing to the upper floor on a sturdy wooden staircase, You get into the guest rooms and the nursery. There's plenty of room for both family and friends! And outside, you'll be greeted by wonderful scenery – a solid home that blends wonderfully into the picturesque landscape. Illuminated from inside, the house fascinates with its fabulous view in the evening twilight. Already decided who will be the first to spend their vacation in this sunny estate?

Living room at Maine Lake Retreat in Canada
Living room at Maine Lake Retreat in Canada
The kitchen of Maine Lake Retreat's cozy cabin in Canada
The bedroom of Maine Lake Retreat's cozy cabin in Canada
Design the cozy Maine Lake Retreat in Canada
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