Detailed computer visualization of an unusual private residence project

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This is a rendering of a project by Michael Novak.

The appearance of the mansion
Villa's beautifully clad facade
Beautiful modern terrace design
Beautiful wooden cladding style
A beautiful tree growing on the grounds of the mansion

Quite a challenging home. At first sight it looks quite ordinary – standard modern architecture, a basic white color, a combination of artificial and natural materials, clear straight lines, lots of glass and light, as well as the most unimaginable angles. But it's not that simple! Look closer and you will see that this project differs from the similar ones even in the architectural idea!

The house has a combination of open and closed spaces, and the open spaces don't include veranda rooms without walls or partitions, but rooms with holes in the roof! There's sunlight coming in, and best of all –nothing to stop the trees, which are everywhere in this house, from reaching up into the sky. The flowerpots where the trees grow are decorated with beautiful pebbles. You'll find stones here wherever you want to emphasize something. Even at the bottom of the deep blue pool you can see the pebbles, gently rolling in the water. The combination of sun, stone and wood – this is the main line of the project.

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