Glamorous life next door to the stars – the original beach house with a vintage interior

Have you ever dreamed of living next to famous people?? We present to your attention, dear readers of the portal of modern design, a house on the Pacific beach.

It promises more than just sun, sand and surf. There is another tempting aspect that gives this neighborhood a special value. There are a number of sought-after properties here that belong to Hollywood stars – Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie. Matthew Perry also joined this exclusive club.

Interior design of the seating area

Pacific backyard

Wooden beams on the ceiling

Ceiling wooden beams

Interior design kitchen

Emphasis on heavy wooden elements

This stylish open space visually links the kitchen with dining area, living room and living area. The enormous glass windows offer a breathtaking view over the ocean, which is only a few steps away from the house. With the majestic Pacific breeze wafting right through the garden, this dwelling is an absolute dream!

At high tide, the waves gently toss under the cantilevered floor of the building. The entrance is enclosed and includes an expansive courtyard that protects residents' privacy from prying eyes.

Large windows in living room and bedroom allow for dizzying sunrises and sunsets. Surely you're wondering what the price of all this splendor is. The house is valued at $12 million, and if you have that kind of cash to invest in Malibu real estate, you can safely buy your apartment next door!

Living room interior design

Living room in the coastal style

Interior design of the dining room

Fabulous dining room

Panoramic window in the bedroom

View from the bedchamber

White bathroom interior

Stunning bathroom in white

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