Incredibly feminine and sophisticated interior design of Lisbon apartments with Pombaline style aesthetics

Wooden partitions

Pombaline style, in which the building itself is designed, largely determined the nature of the design, which primarily responds to the personal wishes of the client.

The author of the project with great care in the selection of furniture, artwork and decorative objects, seeking to build a fashionable image of a temporary residence in one of the most beautiful capitals of the world.

Decorative items in the interior

The interior of the living room, and the apartment as a whole, is a carrier of very feminine and eclectic aesthetics. The inclusion of vintage pieces and elements of classical design has infused the space with elegance, not tied to a specific time period at all.

Ethnic elements such as a Berber carpet from Morocco and an African dark wood bench harmonize with the artwork of Cristina Jorge de Carvalho and paintings by Joao Lauro.

Original ceiling lamp
Louis XV style bed

The kitchen, with its straight lines and black as a base, looks very functional and comfortable.Sparkling and high gloss accents give the space a distinct personality and charm, making it a mirror image of the owner's personality.

Large walk-in closet
Bathroom Interiors
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