Penthouse by the water: the tropical charm of Rio de Janeiro

View of Rio de Janeiro

Panoramic window and sliding glass doors almost blur the line between outdoors and indoors, allowing you to let the light breeze or sunny heat into the room.

The terrace is very comfortably furnished: its perimeter is fenced with transparent glass railings, a soft sofa with lots of cushions invites to relax in the fresh air, and palm trees in pots create pleasant shade.

Panoramic window in the design of the Urca Residence in Rio de Janeiro

Distinctive interior feature – light, soft color scheme. Tints of white, cream and beige visually enlarge the space and –represent a splendid background for the collection of modern paintings gathered by the owners of the apartment.

Interior design of the Urca residence in Brazil

Milky white walls harmonize with the abundance of textured wood and original accessories.

Interior design of a Urca residence in Brazil

The kitchen is decorated a little eccentrically, which does not reduce its functionality. Elegant wood furniture and modern appliances. A long worktop offers plenty of room for culinary pleasures.

The ceiling window here is complemented by LED lighting. Soft yellowish light gives the ambience a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Staircase in the Urca Residence Interior Design in Brazil

The original engineering solution created a magnificent design object – an unusual staircase made of concrete and glass. Light and airy, it appears to float above the floor and the large windows on the staircases provide sweeping views.

The staircase in the interior of the Urca residence in Brazil

The penthouse owners' rooms are extremely comfortable. This bedroom not only has a comfortable bed, but also a TV, a small sofa, and a table with a lamp.

Interior Design of a Bedroom at Urca Residence in Brazil

And this is the designer furniture in the guest room. Cosy and practical bedroom set looks warm at home. Light beige color scheme complemented by textured wood and rich chocolate hues in the decoration of floor lamps and textiles. You can hide from the bright sun by closing the windows with soft flowing curtains.

Interior design of the bathroom in the Urca residence in Brazil

Transparent partitions connect bedroom and bathroom. The interior here is quite consistent with the overall design style. The – the same light colors, soft textures and natural woods.

The bathtub sits on a slight elevation. A large mirror is placed on the opposite wall and there is a place for an original poufiki-pen by the bathtub.

Interior design of the Urca residence in Brazil

We are back in the living room. From this angle, it looks even more unusual. Expressive decor, elegant furnishings and textured accessories create a room with a pleasant, relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Urca Residences swimming pool in Brazil

The interesting penthouse project by Studio Arthur Casas is an excellent example of how an old, uncomfortable home can be transformed into an ultra-modern, stylish and comfortable.

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