Provincial houses in Italy: A modern cottage in South Tyrol

Varna cottage exterior

A small naturally shaped pond with ornamental plants extends in front of the house. This small body of water creates a peaceful and thought-provoking atmosphere.

The veranda at the side of the house faces the pond. The owners love to sunbathe on the warm planks of the decking and enjoy the water surface and the mountain peaks in the distance. I guess you can even swim in that pond! Isn't it a very beautiful and elegant replacement for the usual pools??

Terrace by the pond of the country cottage in Varna

The house consists of two blocks connected by a covered gallery. The shape of both parts of the building is reminiscent of a truncated pyramid set on the ground with its smaller base. But such a construction does not look unstable at all, because the house is low, its base is wide enough, and the ground floor of the main building, as already mentioned, is decorated with stone, which gives it solidity.

All along the house is decking, the shoulders of which are decorated with large pebbles.

Wooden facade of a country cottage in Varna

One of the houses has two floors, the other has only one floor. Connected by a small passageway, designed in the same style as the rest of the house.

Between the buildings is a minimalist patio with a cozy lounge area. The decor here is quite Zen – only a low tree and a rather large light stone adorn the even lawn.

Courtyard of a cottage in Varna

The entrance to the house. Sliding doors are fully glazed. The area in front of them, just like the veranda, is decorated with natural-colored textured planks. An exotic plant in a massive vase next to the rough stone wall adds a touch of sophistication.

Panoramic windows of a country cottage in Varna

All the rooms of the house are decorated in an unusual manner, which blends perfectly with the exterior of the building.

The designer chose a light neutral palette for the walls. It visually enhances the room and makes an excellent background for accessories.

Classical parquet floor with warm chocolate-coloured textured wood.

Country cottage living room in Varna

Next to the living room is the kitchen, fitted with modern furniture and a massive island, into which a touch-sensitive cooktop has been integrated.

Textured wooden facades contrast stylishly with the snow-white worktop and innovative technology.

Kitchen with dining room of a country cottage in Varna

The living room is separated from the dining room by a small dark wood unit. Its shelves are a great place for books, vases and various accessories.

Varna cottage hall

The bathroom is small, but very comfortable. The walls are decorated with light beige glossy tiles, and the floor is wooden. It has everything you need not only to wash but also to relax – a convenient nightstand, mirrored hinged cabinet, elegant basin and, of course, a large oval-shaped bathtub. From the window you can admire the patio.

Bathroom interior design of a country cottage in Varna

Notice how unusually and creatively the bathroom is decorated. Floor-to-ceiling glass separates it from the bathroom, and the wall is clad in distinctive black paneling.

Bathroom interior design in a country house in Varna

This interesting house project by Norbert Dalsass in Varna, Italy, is a fascinating example of how you can create a truly unusual, modern and comfortable home that blends into its surroundings in a completely natural way.

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