Stunning apartment on the top floor of the prestigious TUNNEL WHARF complex

Interior design of a bedroom in a TUNNEL WHARF apartment in London

The interior design is minimalist and free of embellishment and accessories, because the main feature of the house is the incredibly scenic and expressive view of the natural surroundings.

The dining area is housed in a large room with an oval silhouette and numerous small window openings that radiate a dazzling warmth and glow from the sun that fills the setting with coziness and magnetism.

The walls are decorated with a snow-white color scheme, which optically expands the area and is a wonderful background for accentuating the furniture. The flooring in the apartment is covered with light textured parquet, which gives the surroundings a natural and relaxed look.

The luxurious living room of the TUNNEL WHARF apartments in London

The kitchen area is adjacent to the dining area, and its semi-circular silhouette perfectly complements the architectural composition of the interesting house project. The furniture unit was placed against a wall with many small square windows so that the owners can enjoy the scenic views of nature, history and the city while preparing meals and drinks.

The fronts of the furniture were covered in white matte paint, which allowed to visually increase the space and fill the environment with lightness and airy charm. Amplify the immaculate, serene decor with bright appliances in a deep red finish and potted green plants.

The white glossy countertop of the TUNNEL WHARF apartments in London

The upper level has been equipped with a study that is perfect for calm and measured work. It was designed in an original manner, and the sloping roof construction gives the room a special exclusivity and uniqueness.

The roof of a house in London

The unusual house TUNNEL WHARF in the British capital of London is a fascinating example of how to decorate the decoration of stylish and attractive apartments in an incredible and fascinating stylistic manner, using light-coloured palettes, textured materials and bright accents that support the chic view that opens from the panoramic windows of the attic.

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