The modern country house: a unique simplicity and natural elegance

Casa VR exterior by Elías Rizo

Unpretentious elongated mansion blends harmoniously into the forest landscape. In a green glade surrounded by oaks and pines, it looks like a kind of horizontal axis of symmetry. The façade of the building is quite modest, with a few windows and sliding doors. And in the back, some of the rooms are fully glazed, so they're all perfectly lit for daylight. The house consists of four rather separate parts, which are connected by long passages.

Casa VR exterior by Elías Rizo
Casa VR's rooftop terrace
Stylish interior design of the living room

The mansion's supporting structure is made of natural stone, which makes the exterior of the house exceptionally expressive. As for the roof, it is made of concrete slabs for the living areas and tiles for the public areas – roofing tiles. The open ceiling design, showing off the textured wooden rafters, gives the living room a cozy feel. The awning over the veranda is supported by a sloping steel frame.

The terrace of Casa VR
Casa VR's interior walls
Bedroom interior with panoramic window

On the whole, the design of the house is very solid and original. All the rooms are comfortable and welcoming. The architects skillfully combined different types of building materials, which helped to emphasize the unity with nature.

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