The transformation of an old house, or the snow-white villa in Art Nouveau style

Deepwell House main entrance
Backyard pool at Deepwell House
Lounge area overlooking the pool
Glass doors to the terrace
Interior design of the guest lounge
Modern interior design of a kitchen with a bar
modern kitchen appliances
Interior design for the dining room

The current owner didn't buy the home for his own use, but exclusively for resale. You probably realized by now that the designers were faced with the task of transforming this building in such a way that it would significantly increase in value. The main problems they encountered were the completely overgrown site with overgrown trees that completely obscured the façade, the dilapidated sanitary facilities and the rundown patio.

The old house had originally been converted into a large dining and living room, so H3K Design created a modern, spacious kitchen that would serve not only as a place to cook food, but also as a cozy place for family gatherings and heartfelt chats. The kitchen was also the connecting element between the house and the backyard porch that looks out onto the outdoor pool.

The only things left of the old house are the natural stone walls, which served not only as supporting structures, but also as decorations for the living room and the renovated bathrooms.

The overgrown lot has been carefully cleared, allowing for a profitable accent on the home's main entrance. The bright door and the original canopy, which protects from the sun and rain, look expressive and fun. Glass sliding doors and large windows in the rooms allow you to see the blue water of the swimming pool, well maintained lawns, trim lanes and beautiful trees.

Thus, according to the client, the architects have fully coped with their task, in the shortest time turning the old ruins into a super-expensive property, able to bring considerable profit to the owner.

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