Wildlife enigmas: the fashionable Montrose House by SAOTA, Bishopscourt, South Africa

Montrose project on natural elevation

Set at the dominant altitude “” and its open glass facades provide a magnificent view over the beautiful countryside with alternating meadows and wooded valleys. When designing the project, the architects relied on the wishes of the clients: the orientation of the building in the direction of Constantia Valley and False Bay, and the view on the mountains and the famous botanical garden Kirstenbosch were indispensable. Another important requirement was to create as much garden and lawn in the yard as possible.

The road was moved to the southern boundary of the property during construction, allowing for the harmonious placement of lawns and gardens on the sunny side and exposing the view to the mountainous landscape. Splendid panoramic views from the bedroom and living room windows to the south and west. And the pool and terraces are located on the northeastern side of the courtyard – this protects them from the southeasterly winds that are so frequent in South Africa.

The triangular shape of the plot, its considerable elevation above the surrounding countryside, the steepness of the slope, and the necessary redevelopment of the area provided both convenient access and the most favorable location of the building on one level and open on all sides garden terraces.

Architectural features of the contemporary South African mansion include unusual double roofs "floating" over the bedroom and a transparent glass "box" enclosed living room. They are harmoniously matched by the decorative architectural elements – a peculiar finish to the outside walls, many decorative ponds, floating stones, cantilevered bedroom terraces on the perimeter of the building.

The interior of the house is also very original: polished granite floors, no rugs or curtains, high gloss ceilings with recessed lighting. The developers' passion for modernist style harmonizes perfectly with today's Scandinavian design trends.

Specially crafted light gray granite floor slabs set the tone for the room's overall color scheme. The natural shade of brown that is so familiar to this area is not dominant here, but a cool gray, which gives a feeling of freshness and tranquility.

Montrose design on natural elevation
Montrose Project on natural elevation
Montrose project on natural elevation
The Montrose Project on a natural elevation
Montrose Project on Natural Elevation
Montrose project on natural elevation
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