Movable real estate: 13 original ideas for unusual portable homes

A log cabin

Almost a log cabin

Log bracing

Logs of a certain length are attached to the walls of the wooden base

2 Supports

Created by Computer Aided Design (CAD), this house consists of two separate parts, one of which serves as a support for the other.

Scheme of a beam house

Made from natural materials

Large windows in a wooden house

Full wall windows bring in lots of light

LoftCube construction house

36 square meters of paradise

A construction house on a city street

Will fit anywhere

The following two houses are the brainchild of Dutch firm DMVA Architecten, founded by David Driesen and Tom Verschueren

5 Blob

The word Blob itself means "something big and shapeless". Also, BLOB is an acronym for Big Binary Object. This strange house, according to the creators themselves, "looks like a giant blob.". The lodge has a bed, shelving, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It can be used as a bedroom, a cozy garden house, a portable home for people who love nomadic living.

A man reading a book on the threshold of a drop-down house

What could be more romantic: living in nature with a good book

A house shaped like a triangle

The geometry of style

Log fastening scheme

The clarity of lines

7 Garden pavilion by 5 Architects

The term Shoffice implies a symbiosis of a pergola and a study, a working area. Built in the shape of a barrel, it can transform from an office into a small bedroom with minimal effort.

Garden pavilion-transformer

Unusual in appearance

Garden house, top view

The walls are 10 cm thick

White armchair on the veranda of the garden house

Reliable and sturdy

9 BaleHouse is a thatched cottage

Perhaps the specialists of the ModCell company were reading the story "The Three Little Pigs" when they were children. But their house is more durable than the house of poor Nif-Nif. Its walls are made of straw bales, which makes it warm and dry and prevents mold. What makes this house stand out is the high efficiency of the use of space. And the authors donate leftover construction materials to farmers for animal feed.

BaleHouse is a thatched cottage

We're not afraid of the gray wolf

10 A house on a truck

This frame house is designed by architects of the German firm Abaton. Made of granite blocks it has everything you need to live: living room and bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Living room of a mobile home

Cute living room

A round wooden house by Bellomo

Spacious enough

The circular house assembly diagram

Assembled by ourselves

And finally, two houses, resembling railroad cars, invented by Portuguese specialists Cannatà& Fernandes.

12 As homes

These are modular houses in the shape of railroad containers with the area of 27 m2 (3x3x9 meters). They are fairly quick to disassemble and assemble, but are also quite suitable for transportation in assembled form. Inside is divided into a bathroom, kitchen, living room. Its main disadvantage is a minimum of natural light.

Large window in the end of a modular home

Source of natural light – window at the end

The glass walls of a modular house in the form of a container

Another prefabricated house

A place for rest and relaxation modular home

Distinctive feature – a quiet color scheme

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