Such a cozy old bus or house on wheels – a unique proposal from Ward Design

Greetings to all the regular members and guests of Forum City! Today we have the opportunity to discuss a unique and new idea from the designers who developed their project as a duo – Tally Saul and Hagit Morevski. A beautiful modern home in a town called Even Yehuda, Sharon, Israel, made from a disused old bus. Artful conversion isn't particularly costly. Clever and savvy solutions of creative craftsmen have created a sense of amazing adventure for their customers.

Ward Design's Motorhome
The house-bus from Ward Design

A small kitchen and bright orange dining area sit at the front of the unusual steering-side home. Beautiful wood accents were complemented with a kitchen table and glossy white shelves, creating a sense of airiness and lightness. Bathroom and shower with frosted glass doors along with a chic light closet, Audrey Hepburn portrait occupies the hallway that transitions into the bedroom.

Elegant, renovated apartment is equipped with all modern conveniences such as air conditioning and hot water in the shower stall.
The homeowners are more than happy to sell it to any interested buyers for around $300,000.

And you're interested?

A Ward Design mobile home
A coach-house by Ward Design
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