The embodiment of the American dream – a fantastic villa rimmed by mountains

Today, to the visitors of our fascinating portal, we will present a fantastically beautiful fairy-tale house. This is a private residence located in Aspen, Colorado. Tucked away around the mountains, the mansion is surrounded by lush, pristine nature. The original idea is to use glass walls, which allows you to fill the space with sunlight, making it extremely light and weightless.

The building is now for sale and is valued at $23.7 million.

West Buttermilk residence terrace
West Buttermilk Terrace Dining Table
Interior design living room with panoramic window
Modern media room design
Kitchen interior design
Dining room with a view of the mountains
Paintings in the West Buttermilk Lobby
Stairs to second floor
Yellow bedroom interior design
Bedroom Interior Design

The huge windows offer a magnificent view of the ski resort. The roof over the living room offers an incredible panoramic view of the landscape. Here you can host guests or enjoy watching your favorite movie. This gives a special romance, because everything happens under the starry sky.

While inside civilization, you're still in the midst of your unique, magical island, which features covered patios with three fireplaces. The garage deserves attention, more like a large structure in its own right, housing not only a workbench but also several bicycles, skis (very useful for the neighboring pro courses), various clubs designed for golf, and a separate box that can hold several cars.

Bedroom interior design in dark colours
Bathroom interior design
Bathroom interior design
Transparent sink in the bathroom
The transparent shower cubicle
Unusual bathroom wall finishes
Gray bedroom interior design
Fireplace area at West Buttermilk
West Buttermilk villa on two floors

Photo by Sotheby's International Realty.

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