The original Coop House for secluded relaxation

On the pages of our portal have repeatedly discussed unusual houses in different parts of the world. The cottage project with the funny name "Hen House" (Hen House) was designed by Rural Design of Portree. The house is in Fiscavaig on the island of Skye, Scotland.

Hen House

The architects deliberately narrowed the building to the north, reducing the size of the northern facade, protecting it from storms, and drawing attention to its unusual configuration. The main support structures are concentrated in the southern part of the building. Home is like a beacon, catching the eye from afar. The access to the cottage blends seamlessly into the landscape.

When entering the house at once attracts attention fully glazed north side. Each window has a role to play-one large skylight provides light to rooms on both floors, while smaller lower windows provide glimpses into the living room and a view to the west. The structure of the house intentionally showcases a central beam that reinforces the rigidity of the entire structure and emphasizes the scale of the building.

The Chicken coop House

The look speaks of rustic simplicity. The texture of the Scottish larch planks provides an austere exterior. The decor is not minimalistic in principle, but there are no superfluous details. Ribbed roof emphasizes the simple shape of the home. All the elements are very clear. The only strong accent is the slope of the building to the north.

The Chicken coop
The Hen House
Hen House
Hen House
Chicken coop house
Coop House
Hen House

Info courtesy of Rural Design Architects.

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