Amazing prefab home project with polyurethane walls

The historic city of Prague is arguably one of the most beautiful in Europe: its fabulous medieval charm, cobblestone streets, imposing cathedrals and scenic beauty still attract travelers from all over the world. It is symbolic that the Chameleon House, (interior design photo you can see below), located on the outskirts of the Czech capital, draws inspiration for its contours from outside. Petr Hajek Architekti conjured it up and brought it to life. The silhouette reveals the fact that the building is composed of six parts with different directions, like a lazy reptile sunbathing on a cloudy day.

Design Chameleon House in Prague
Chameleon House design in Prague
Interior of the Chameleon House in Prague
The kitchen of Chameleon House in Prague
The bathroom of Chameleon House in Prague
Blueprint for a Chameleon House in Prague
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