Assemble with your own hands or 8 prefabricated house options – great designs for quick home construction

How much simplicity in the stylish modular buildings! That's why enthusiastic planners often turn to panel construction, solving the dilemma of increasing living space. These interesting factory-assembled dwellings are shipped in parts to the customer, where final construction follows.

Ford House design

The rooms have trendy, bright decor that creates a comfortable living environment:

Ford House design

Although the wide glass cabinets illuminate the living room beautifully, the designer provided a second row of narrow panels above them. This allows for the installation of replacement lighting, as well as excellent air filtration.

Blanco Household

A closer look will notice the interesting architectural detailing: the metal sculptural supports, the beams that are the foundation of the building, perfectly supporting the weight.

Blanco House

Look, the naturalness of the finish is striking!

Modern Q-House

As if it's not fabulous enough, they put an amazing pool next to it.

The unconventionality is expressed by the motifs of stairs, railings, corner reinforcements, and barriers.

Modern design of Blu house

The whole group is distinguished by different modifications.

Blu modern home design

Good solution – dining area with a panoramic view of the grounds. Kitchen bar provides accommodation for a large number of guests of any holiday.

Rincon Series

Simplicity – the hallmark of single-house modules. Glass and doors rid the exterior of the usual square shape.

Rincon Series

Sunlight pierces through! A number of window openings create the impression – a narrow dwelling without borders.

Stylish Micro Green

Need more space? Try the three-bedroom version, complete with two bathrooms, which offers a majestic appearance thanks to the wall showcases. Fits a smaller dwelling? A one-bedroom model is also available!

Stylish Micro Green

LivingHome C6

“Nature made it. Factory built.” LivingHomes studio has come up with a new idea for a modern, insulated configuration. Materials used in the construction are sustainable, non-toxic, natural. Here's Home Depot C6 in Long Beach, California.

LivingHome C6 design

Bold red lampshade color adds lively neutrality to dining room. Height of bar stools, transparency of the dining table – no clutter.

LivingHome C6 design


Compactness has never been so… Spot on! Please turn your backs on this! Calm down, the author of the project chose to dilute the harshness of the tone with polka dots of soft pink. It's no doubt a good thing that there is a variety of colors, allowing you to paint the non-trivial facade in your own way.

Conhouse prefab housing takes one day to assemble. Place a home office, country cottage, outhouse here! Thick walls, plenty of light. Convinced, the facility is more suitable for living quarters than a shipping container.

Stylish Conhouse

The exterior is shockingly spotty? Take a look, here expects an exhibition of warm beige tones, parquet flooring! An unexpected solution!

Stylish Conhouse

Prefabricated residences are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to a growing number who want access to nature with a minimal financial investment. However, any modification will suit a summer house with a small area.

As we watch public interest in modular masterpieces grow, we hope to see another, more appropriate alternative at affordable prices. These inventions are reminiscent of the "less is more" principle. Good looks for lower costs – a delightful reality! Interested in the above?

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