Remodeling a cottage: extravagant design and decor of a century-old house

Living room interior design

Spacious and stylish living room

Under the painting by the lady of the house, on the mantelpiece, is a small collection of souvenirs. Since this particular fireplace was in poor condition, it had to be restored.

Living room interior design

Bold accents that add personality to the environment

The front door opens into a small entryway decorated with paintings by Megan and her friend. Here we have a mini gallery. Panels are paneled with off-white painted wood. The vintage round table in a bright blue hue is original and harmonious.

Decorating the walls of a private home

The wall as the perfect backdrop: a deep shade of Saxon Blue by Farrell-Calhoun

The owner inherited a unique collection of Illinois license plates from her grandfather. And from her grandmother she received antique furniture and antique figurines. This entire collection fits nicely in the dining room.

Painting in a private home interior

A picture with an intriguing subject

After moving in the first thing the owners of the cottage took care of repairing the kitchen. The subtle shades of blue (Valley Mist by Behr) of the walls and furniture fronts make the interior fresh and light.

Interior of a kitchen in a vintage style

Original design

Most of the souvenirs were bought on trips – the Patton family loves to travel and after every vacation they are sure to bring something unusual for the house. This vintage cabinet with open shelves –s a great place to showcase part of the collection.

Bedroom Interior Design

Vintage charm

The hostess decorated the bedroom with bedspreads of her own making.

Interior of the home studio

The hostess's studio

The wrought iron beds in the guest bedroom are also a Patton inheritance. To update the frames, they were painted matte black, which gave the vintage furniture a noble look. The massive frame for the mirror was matched to the tone of the interior. Dark walnut floorboards (like the kitchen, it's a shade of Dark Walnut by Minwax) and light-colored walls (Crisp Linen by Sherwin-Williams) create a harmonious backdrop for home decor.

Home office interior

The owner's room has a very special ambiance

Matt's guests often visit here, and the gracious host bought an unusual piece of furniture for them. Once, in his youth, Matt saw these eccentric chairs in a bank lobby, and he liked them so much that when he encountered them at a sale, he couldn't resist buying them.

Private home exterior

Manicured façade

Homeowners in the living room

The Patton family in the living room

The vintage house still has a long way to go in terms of renovation and restoration – the family has a lot of things planned for it, – but already the interior looks stylish and sophisticated. From the layout to the decor, the character of the building is apparent here in every detail, and the creativity of the interior design is impressive.

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