Stylish interiors of houses: turning an old warehouse into an elegant penthouse

Interior design of luxury apartments

A small, very comfortable kitchen, decorated in understated colors. It sits in a recessed area furnished into the dining room. Three lamps dangling from the ceiling on thin cords and a low, softly glowing ceiling gorgeous bar stools add a touch of sophistication and lightness to the kitchen interior.

Interior design for a luxurious apartment

Minimalism in the bedroom interior is emphasized by snow-white finishing. Modern designer furniture And original decorative objects complement the tranquil interior.

Interior design for a luxurious apartment

The wall decor combines a plain white floor covering and a light wood paneling with an interesting texture. Natural wood grain adds a natural touch to the interior.

Interior design of luxury apartments

Green plants in pots – another fresh, natural detail in the design of the rooms of penthouses. The open floor plan, combining dining, kitchen, living room and sitting area, looks very elegant. Bookcases, furnishings and architectural elements In the form of slender columns.

Interior design of luxurious apartment

Home Decor luxury apartments in Foggy Albion is an excellent example of how a former warehouse can be transformed in an interesting way, making it elegant, stylish, cozy and comfortable.


Image courtesy of CGP design.

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