The architects of the new project restored a large house of the mid-twentieth century

Big house renovations: a ranch façade with a red door

The door is painted red just like it was 50 years ago

The cedar ceiling in the remodeling project of the big house

Milk-colored wall panels

The wall shelves are made of wood.

Exit to the veranda from the room in the big house renovation project

The house is furnished with dark blue armchairs

Metal switches in the big house reconstruction project

For the hallway we used switches from Schoolhouse Electric

The dining room chairs and light fixture are in the same color.

Bright walls in the kitchen in a large home renovation project

The sun reflects beautifully on shiny surfaces

Wooden dark window frames in large home renovation project

The wood on the frames is treated with a bronze shade impregnation

Fixtures by Arne Jacobsen in a large home renovation project

Wall lights by Arne Jacobsen

The house has a gym.

Designer wall clocks in a large home renovation project

Hooks for jump ropes

The toilet retains its original floor finish.

Wooden front door in large home renovation project

The wood has been heavily refinished

The house has lots of roomy closets.

Full wall bookshelf in large home renovation project

Ample shelving for books

Some of the furniture is still in its original place.

Rain drainage in a large house renovation project

The Original Rain Drain

A porch wraps around the house.

The large veranda in the renovation project of a large house

Firewood for the fireplace

A similar style can be recreated with the renovation of old things stashed in the attic.

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