The outhouse: a grand design impromptu in the form of an original covered studio porch

The facade of a covered studio terrace in Hoboken
The beautiful facade of a covered studio terrace in Hoboken
The tubular frame of a covered studio terrace in Hoboken

Inside are two rooms. One is for conversations, the other for relaxing. This solution evokes the main components of the architecture of churches.

An astonishingly beautiful porch made mostly of glass and zinc shingles. A laser and a special machine were used to cut the panels.

The meeting area of the covered studio terrace in Hoboken

Glenn Vieroski, a top-notch galvanizer, was directly involved in the work. It's his way of protecting an installed roof from leaks.

Why such a material was chosen for the covering? Because it's durable, aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully flexible, and even ages beautifully with a noble patina.

The massive use of zinc in construction has never been seen before. At most it was gutters, window eaves and roof overhangs. But after the Hoboken triumph and universal admiration, there's confidence that such cladding will become relevant and in demand.

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