Unusual house facade with lace trim

Hamersley Road Residence in Australia
Interior of a Hamersley Road residence in Australia
Interior of Hamersley Road residence in Australia
The interior of a Hamersley Road residence in Australia
Hamersley Road residence in Australia
Hamersley Road Residence in Australia

According to the architects, the cottage was originally small, a bit dilapidated, but looked charming thanks to the handmade stucco and shingles. But it was necessary to increase the area of the house, taking into account the rather small size of the plot. This task was successfully completed!

In addition to the actual renovation and construction of the addition, the project included extensive use of furnishings and structural elements of the old house. The bricks from the dismantled walls, antique light fixtures and even an old laundry tub are happily growing in the renovated house &#8211.

At the back of the house, the architects extended the first floor to create a semi-open veranda. This solution seems to erase the boundaries between New interior design and exterior. The purpose of erecting the annex was to create several different rooms, which would be used at different times of the day and year: some inside and others outside.

But the biggest renovation was on the second floor of the house. He got an amazing addition that completely changed the look of the cottage. At first it was a simple yellow "box" behind the gable of the mansion. But then it was "wrapped" with a perforated screen for shade and protection from the sun. The resultant openwork facade looks fabulous! This part of the house houses the bedroom, bathroom and children's playroom.

An intricate pattern of translucent "screens" envelopes the extension on all sides. The pattern is inspired by floral motifs Of the finest carpets Persia. This design technique performs not only a decorative, but also a practical function – as already mentioned, it protects the house from the bright sun, creating a beautiful patterned shade, and hides the life of the inhabitants of the house from prying eyes. And in the evening, lit from the inside, it glows beautifully, like a wonderful lantern from a fairy tale.

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