A traditional Scottish home in a compact design

The exterior of the compact Wee House

The house was placed in the far back garden of her parents' estate, Hope. The solid insulation keeps it warm and cozy through the winter months. Outside the house, there is a huge meadow, and the occupants of the house can see deer peacefully grazing on the grass.

French doors to the terrace

French doors connect the house to the spacious terrace and allow natural light to flow unobstructed into the living room. The bedroom has exactly the same doors, and it is thanks to them that the entire interior becomes more light and optimistic.

Wee House Living Room Interior Design

The interior had to resonate with the surrounding landscape to have a more traditional look. A light, airy living room space with cream walls adorns a sofa in a barely perceptible shade of gray. At the time of this design project, the July weather outside the window was Jennifer's main inspiration.

Wee House living room interior design

To make the interior seem even brighter and more spacious, the wooden floors were painted beige. Jennifer's company sells homes with chipboard flooring, and buyers install their own flooring to suit them.

Dining area by the window

A small table and a couple of chairs are placed under the kitchen window, so that two people can easily dine together. A Roman striped curtain creates an easy beach house look.

Wee House kitchen interior design

Then the blue and white palette by Jennifer's will moved beyond the kitchen and settled into the bedroom, taking on a richer character.

Blue and white bedroom interior

The white finish of the furniture and walls combined with the navy blue elements create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness in this bedroom.

Bathroom interior in light colors

To the surprise of the house's many guests, the bathroom was very bright and spacious.

Large built-in closet

A large built-in closet between the living room and bedroom accommodates a myriad of household necessities.

Jennifer notes that compact homeowners should be doubly cautious when buying anything. Get rid of unnecessary stuff in good time, and try not to accumulate it again.

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