Unique hunting lodge-island, studio 2by4-architects, Loosdrechtse Plas lake, The Netherlands

Catching fish from his own terrace probably dreamed of every second man. But the idea to open the glass wall and immediately dive into the clear water of the lake Losdrechtse Place in the Netherlands will only occur to the owners of unique house-island. All the features of this residential project, created in 2011 by the Rotterdam studio 2by4-Architects, we'll tell the visitors of our popular forum.

A simple loft house
Gas fireplace in the center of the room
Underfloor heating from natural boards

The space has no clear boundaries, but everyone can tell at once where the living and dining rooms are. The house is interesting because its corner consists of a wooden sliding wall. Having moved it away, you can combine the interior of the room and the terrace. The facade of the wooden house opens up completely and you can admire the amazing panorama of the lake and the forest. The stacked panels look like abstract elements floating perpendicularly above the water. Unusually looks fireplace, which hangs from the ceiling, its position can be easily changed, for example, turn towards the open area.

Warm and cozy place
Built-in modular kitchen
A house with a big terrace
Construction project
Home on the island
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