An open slope in a great design solution for a unique country house

The Bernard Khoury Architects have developed an interesting project. The bureau's specialists designed a three-story A house of interesting architecture.

It is located on a plot of only 535 m2. The landscape has a big difference in height – about 7 meters. Such a peculiarity of the area made some adjustments to the appearance of the building.

Residential design

The roof of this building is unusually sloped and goes straight to the road. A closer look reveals that the road seems to climb up on the roof.

At the very top of the building on a small platform, there is a small pool for rest and relaxation after a hard day's work. Getting there is very easy, you just have to climb the inclined stairs, not even going inside.

A photo collage of the design of an apartment complex
The landscape of the area surrounding the estate
Layout of the residential complex
Floor plan of the apartment complex
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