Beauty on a steep slope – an original house with a copper facade

The owner of the cottage has lived in it with his family since the 1830s. Although the structure was dark, cold in winter and hot in summer, the owners have always deeply appreciated its privacy, incredible tranquility and proximity to the beach and town. The structure was completely renovated and restored during the renovation process, creating a cozy cabin on a picturesque lot surrounded by the ocean, sunshine, and greenery.

Copper house facade

The structure rises on a narrow, long plot of land surrounded by neighboring cottages, yet its incredible exterior makes a lasting impression on the locals.

Facing the front of the cottage

For cladding construction were used universal siding panels, which have high resistance to various natural and climatic conditions.

Copper line plan of construction

The linear floor plan was the ideal solution in the limited terrain and limited land space of the.

Facade of the building specialists lined with insulation, which provided a comfortable environment for family members in the winter and summer.

Panoramic windows of the cottage

Interior design was made in an aesthetically pleasing and modern style, which complement the lifestyle and character of the owners.

Sections of the Copper home

Each section gives the owners a beautiful scenic view of the surroundings – sky, neighboring buildings, terrace and vegetation.

Cottage interior design

The décor of the residence is filled with green plants and floral arrangements, bringing freshness and natural charm to the atmosphere.

Windows with Custom Blinds

The flow of light and air is a characteristic feature of the construction, which has been achieved through a large number of windows, complemented by textured wooden frames and unique blinds.

Minimalist bedroom interior
Interior of the second bedroom in Copper Cottage

The second smaller bedroom is in the middle of the building. It is accented by interesting lighting, panoramic window openings and comfortable furnishings. The bathroom is also equipped in this section.

Original wood and metal door handles

All the finishing materials in the process of repair were chosen to complement the copper texture. Dark concrete panels, Australian ash wood windows and doors, and glass partitions all create a warm and welcoming environment in the space.

View of the house from the street

Chic trees enclose the structure from the street side, creating a private and secluded atmosphere.

Copper home project in the suburbs of Sydney

Interesting home design Copper from the experts at the studio Takt in the Australian suburb of Sydney is an inspiring and creative masterpiece. It has a striking location surrounded by picturesque scenery, a beautiful interior decorated in an aesthetically pleasing style, and an extraordinary exterior that draws the eye and interest of the public.

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