Condominium: a complicated word with a simple meaning. The advantages and disadvantages of living in such a house

Condominiums are more familiar to us cooperative homes. If you are thinking about this kind of housing and have heard about its benefits, then our article will be informative for you. Below we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this way of living, as well as to your attention some useful tips.

High-rise facade

The modern facade of a high-rise building

What is a condo?

By definition, it's a collection of apartments in one structure that share infrastructure, but each belongs to the owners as private property. Its inhabitants have access to standard amenities in common rights, such as hallways, heating systems, recreation rooms, swimming pools, etc.

Benefits of condo living

Access to all areas

Picturesque Beach

Picturesque shore

With monthly payments, you'll be assured that both the structure itself and the area around it will always be cleaned and well-maintained.

Convenient layout

Modern apartment interior design

Exquisite interior design

Like any type of housing, the price range of condominiums is wide. And even if you can't afford a large apartment, even the most inexpensive apartment with a small interior will be the best option for you with a modern and comfortable layout.

Practical space

Contrasting combinations in the interior of the living room

Gorgeous panoramic views are part of the interior

As with some condo buildings, each apartment shares walls with the neighboring. You'll also be sharing common areas and facilities, which can limit your privacy.


Bright accents in a modern living room

Stylish Living Room

Contributions that go toward paying for the upkeep of the grounds. For some it is a small amount, but in some cases it will exceed your expectations.


Modern living room with panoramic windows

Bright and spacious apartments

You will do many things to brighten up your dwelling, but try to limit yourself to a laconic interior design. Simplicity in furnishings is the best option to expand visual boundaries. The furniture and accessories should not be too flashy, and the palette is better suited pastel or neutral.


Modern living room design

A beautiful combination of hues

Glass, acrylic, mirrors and even reflections of metal keep the visually light yet playful style. This waterfall of light will help even the most compact apartment to seem more spacious and bright.

Condominiums are a modern interpretation of the co-op house. Many of us have a negative attitude towards this phenomenon, because many living conditions need to be shared with neighbors. But consider some points, such as cost and the ability to have access to a wider range of services than in a similar house, and you see all the advantages, which are hard to pass up.

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