Cozy interior of a house in the classic English style

Cozy interior: brightly colored napkins on the tables

The interior of the house is constantly changing. For example, the walls in the living room used to be light blue, but soon it became clear that due to the lack of sunlight the room seems very cold. So they decided to repaint the room in pale pink.

Cozy interior: soft poufs in the living room

Meet Pedro the Monkey, a foreign-bought statuette that was later turned into an amusing lamp. In general, the family is very fond of naming things. Two more monkeys on the kitchen wall bear the names of Sid and Nancy, the bassist of the Sex Pistols and his infamous girlfriend.

Cozy interior: the kitchen in soft green

In this rather interesting recreation room hangs a huge painting, which was inherited by the family. Everything in the room, whether it's the vintage floor lamps or the sumptuous wallpaper, the family bought cheap at an antique fair. A great example that it is not necessary to invest huge sums in decoration to please the people around.

Cozy interior: bright sofa in the bedroom

The house is admired for its collection of paintings. It seems that with every visit here you can discover something new for yourself.

Cozy interior: a bright bedroom in green hues

On the third floor is a bedroom and shower room.

A cosy interior: a shower cubicle with mosaic tiles
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