Craftsman’s temple of worship – an unusual interior of a house-museum

Journalist and international health consultant Matt Steinglass and Pauline Oosterhof traveled the world. A couple has bought a cottage in the Netherlands, which was built in the 1920s. After the renovation, Matt and Paulina decorated the dwelling with their own collection of crafts and ethnic artifacts.

The exterior of the room before renovation

Interesting house design before renovation was in poor condition. Take a look at the previous photo. The surface of the interior partitions was lined with old wood paneling, bringing to the atmosphere a heaviness and austerity.

The couple wanted a simple, uncluttered space that would be perfect for relaxing, doing yoga, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Living room interior design

An old television nightstand, a carved wooden mask, upholstered chairs from Vietnam, green plants and simple accessories gave the decoration an individual character and special charm.

Interior of the dining room

The designers took out partitions to open up the kitchen and connect it to the dining area. Here they've arranged a small breakfast nook with an island, an emerald wall and lots of shelves for storing food.

The epicenter of attention in the room is a practical dining table with a rounded surface. He stands surrounded by elegant chairs with a wicker seat and backrest.

The original view of the corridor

Note how the old corridor originally looked like.

Storage cupboard under the stairs

Most of the surfaces were covered with white paint. The homeowners kept some of the original details, like the little hearts on the railing and the storage closet under the stairs.

Tapestry from Nepal in the interior of the bedroom

A tapestry from Nepal adorns the pink wall decor in the second bedroom.

Work desk with ornamentation

The work table was also decorated with an interesting zebra skin ornament.

Ethnic accessories in the interior of the cottage

Interesting ethnic accessories adorn all the rooms of this cottage.

Racks with glass shelves

Designers built a new opening, and they turned the old structure into an original and laconic shelving unit with glass shelves.

The interior of the loft space

The attic space was equipped for two small rooms and a tiny veranda.

Bookcase for zoning the space

A small partition and a bookcase separate the sleeping area from the modest home office.

Bookcases in the interior

Snow-white walls and dark wooden cabinets bring a visual contrast to the room and beautifully decorate the decoration.

Decorating the walls of the room with mosaic tiles

The bathroom with mosaic tiles occupies a small corner in the bedroom.

Home owners Matt Steinglass and Sasha in the living room

An interesting house project by Louise de Miranda in Haarlem in the Netherlands is a fascinating engineering masterpiece. It features amazing decorations, original decoration with ethnic accessories and decorations, stunning layout, quality furniture and comfortable furnishings, which attracts the eyes and interest of the public.

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