Discreet design of a large wooden house in a modern rustic style

Another unusual dwelling, which we want to show to our dear guests of the portal Beautiful Country House, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Decorating the front entrance of a private house
Interior design of a living room with a fireplace
Interior Kitchen Design
Circular dining table in the dining room
Modern bathroom design
Fireplace in the living room of a private home
Painting in the interior of a private home
The main entrance to the house
Recreation area with fireplace in the courtyard

At first glance, it might look like a new barn or repair shop. But the Faherty family does not strive for luxury, and such a nice house suits them completely. They raise three children and keep one pet.

Comfort and convenience are the main criteria in room design. An example of practicality: an Ikea sofa that is sure to last a family of five. It's a pretty rational approach worth emulating.

The interior of the house reflects the character of the family with its picturesque color palette, and interesting little things in the form of figurines and paintings create a truly cozy atmosphere.

It is worth noting that the building was built in 1968 and the family only purchased it in 2012. In just 5 months, they adapted it to their needs. And architect Ben Weiter helped the residents do just that.

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