Dome Houses – a glimpse into the future. Interesting collection of bold architectural ideas

Dear readers of Forum City, have you ever seen houses in the form of a dome?? Some of them may look rather eccentric, but others are amazing! In this article we will try to tell about the most interesting and incredible dome houses.

View from a dome-shaped house

Any dwelling made in a convex shape is more energy efficient compared to a square.

The interior of the domed house

Summer dome house

This house, while having all the advantages and conveniences of a rectangular building, has all the useful qualities of a dome-shaped building. And it's unrealistically huge with 6,331 sq. meter.

The interior of a house with a dome roof
The interior of a dome-roofed house
Dome-roofed house by the sea

Ojai Valley Dome

This dome home was built high in the Ojai Mountains, California. It compares favorably to its counterparts in that it is completely inexpensive and made up of individual pieces. So you can assemble/disassemble it with your own hands! The house was built to withstand the harshest climatic conditions, and that is why it is absolutely safe and durable. No earthquake or snowfall can damage it. Plus, it has beautiful mountain views.

Terrsas under an awning by the domed house

Tejlgaard& Jepsen Domes

These domes are not houses, as they are designed to simply show the benefits of alternative housing options. Tejlgaard& architects Jepsen believe that the geodesic dome is the best possible housing project of our time.

Interior of the house in the form of a dome made of wood
House in the form of a dome by the sea
A glass dome with a view of the river
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