Don’t believe what you see: two high-end barns that change the way you think about comfort

Houses facade
Facade of private barn houses
Private home project in Tych
Terrace Lounge
The interior space of a private home
The log in the interior of the dining room
Wood trim on the ceiling
A window of unusual shape
The appearance of barn type houses
Access road to the house in Tychy

These barn-type structures were erected in the quiet northern area of Tychy near the forest complex. It can be accessed via the main road by turning in the northwest cul-de-sac. Having analyzed the layout, the territory, the geometry of the roof and the height of the buildings, it was decided to locate them in the southwest. This is the more preferred orientation, according to the requirements of the customer. They were to develop a spacious mansion with access to the southern garden.

It is based on these conditions, the entire house was divided into two functional parts. In the first building, placed on the south side, elegantly and harmoniously arranged all the areas necessary for residents all day: living room, dining room and kitchen. For maximum accessibility, the modern garage was planned in the second structure closest to the exit. This is also where all the other living areas ended up.

Because the driveway was too narrow, it was impossible for cars to turn around. And to fix this situation, both parts of the same building were shifted relative to each other. This technique also allowed to create a cool terrace, which can be accessed directly from the bedroom. Such an extraordinary design solved the problem of overheating the room in the summer heat by shading different sections of the building from each other.

The two architectural forms were joined by a glazed mezzanine, creating a striking spatial effect. Only high quality materials were used during all stages of construction to ensure that the building will remain in its original, unrepaired state for many years of use.

The impression of a simple and uncomplicated facade vanishes in an instant once you're inside. The aristocratic warm combination of immaculate white with natural hazel wood continues the designer furniture. The luxurious white leather sofas in front of the cozy fireplace will not leave anyone indifferent. And the unusual log pile adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Special attention from visitors to the portal Beautiful country house Deserves an unusual veranda. The canopy that forms it is made with a contrived carelessness. But its magnificent relaxation space invites you to relax and enjoy the perfect green smoothness of the garden plot, hidden from prying eyes by a hedge.

Second Level
View to the right
Back view
Section 2
Section 4
Diagram of the terrain

Photographer Tomasz Zakrzewski

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