DOS Architects, London, updated design of an historic Victorian house

The transformation of an elegant four-story residence in London into a more attractive and modern corner for quiet and relaxed living is a difficult job that requires a lot of creativity and experience.

The biggest challenge in renovating the mansion was its historic facade, which had to be left untouched, giving the interior a refreshing, stylish finish. The project was developed and implemented by DOS Architects, whose engineers and craftsmen managed to harmoniously combine modern conveniences with classic elements in the interior design.

The mansion in Holland Park Avenue with the total area of 500 square meters is really an absolute masterpiece, perfectly combining different trends and epochs!

The combination of red and blue in the living room interior

A brilliant combination of red and blue in a spacious living room

Decorating large windows

Large glass windows with fine drapes bring a special charm to the design

Living room interior design with fireplace

Classic pieces combine perfectly with the amazing decor of the unique mansion

Paintings in the living room

A beautiful living room with eclectic paintings

The classic decor of panoramic-glazed windows brings an abundance of dazzling natural light into the interior. The top floor features amazing skylights, which give the interior an incredible charm and magnetic appeal.

The lower levels of the structure have a cozy guest salon, a multifunctional spacious kitchen and a creative dining room, while the upper floor houses a luxurious bedroom and a bath. The small terrace in front of the structure is decorated with laconic furniture and beautiful potted plants, which give the decor an incredible charm and natural freshness.

Interior of the kitchen with dining area

The dining area and kitchen are visually connected to the open-air terrace

Bright bathroom in traditional style

Spectacular shower enclosure glass in a traditional white bathtub

A bright orange armchair in the living room

Carefully chosen luxurious décor lends elegance and sophistication to a London residence

Modern paintings in the interior of the mansion

Art on the walls perfectly matches the Georgian architecture

An interesting project of the agency employees from DOS Architects in Foggy Albion is a marvelous engineering masterpiece. It has a wonderful historical heritage, excellent size with a practical layout and a spacious area, original decoration, which harmoniously combines the classic with contemporary details as well as a cozy atmosphere that creates the perfect conditions for living and recreation.

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