Fairytale houses in the real world – stunning photo collection

Fairy tale cottages can only be seen in movies and book illustrations? Those who think so are sadly mistaken! And in today's article we'll prove that fabulous houses exist in reality, and we're not talking about luxurious mansions and ultra-modern high-tech homes. We invite you to stroll through tales from around the world.

A hobbit's house in Wales, UK
A fabulous house in Canada
A fabulous house in Mexico
Fabulous house in Mexico
Seashell House in Mexico
A chic pearl bed
Beautiful shell decor
2 bunk bed in a rustic house
Swanky interior of a domed house in Thailand
Stone house in Portugal
Forest home in the Netherlands
Tiny Victorian house in the Catskill Mountains, New York
Crazy house in Vietnam
A witch's house in France
Treehouse Tea House in Japan
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