Glass and wood houses: intelligent aesthetics in a unique country house concept design

The Dune House, a tall, three-story mansion

The three-story Dune House is a kind of reinterpretation of traditional Dutch design in a duet with by the world's leading architects From Min2 Architectural Firm. Craftsmen used a lot of natural materials in the construction, from Douglas fir to natural stone, combining elements of classic Scandinavian design with modern architecture. Concrete and glass were also used in the design to balance the warm tones of the wood and give the house a modern look.

Cushioned nook with work tables
Wall hung with pictures
Empty spacious light attic
Tree trunks by the window
The vegetation around the three-story mansion
Fence around a three-story mansion
View of Dune House from above

Open-plan space is reserved for a kitchen/dining room combination and a living room. Bedrooms are on the top floor with amazing views of Bergen and the rugged coastline. Elegant, exclusive cottage captivates with its sublime charm! We hope that our readers will also be inspired by this unusual design project.

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