Imaginary reality in a unique residential design

Four Eyes house living room interior

The outward simplicity of form is deceptive. Inside, however, hides a complex spatial variety and curious depth. The structure consists of 4 mysterious-looking towers, each oriented in a different way. Consolidation occurs through an open living room on the first floor.

These monuments rise above the flat, shadowless landscape, diluting the natural surroundings with unexpectedly crisp shapes. Each tower houses a bedroom with a separate view from the window.

Regulating the balance between solid and empty, open and closed, the architects have created an almost primitive structure of the usual components – floor, roof, walls and windows.

The living room in the photo is formed by two inclined planes and a panoramic window looking southwest. A tilt angle of about 60 degrees correlates a person's field of view, linking the exterior to the interior. In addition, this unusual solution is designed to provide the living room space with natural light.

The open common space of Four Eyes house

Due to the abundance of glass surfaces, the constantly transforming nature scenery becomes an integral part of the interior. The design responds subtly to the environment rather than subordinating it.

Modern interior design of the kitchen and dining area

Each of the bedrooms is named not after its occupant, but according to its position in space. The narrow window of the "sunrise bedroom" in the picture below is oriented eastward. "Mountain" faces the ridge to the south. The west window of the "city bedroom" shows the lights of Los Angeles, and the ceiling window of the "sky bedroom" provides visual access to the stars.

Four Eyes house floor plan
The white interior of the Four Eyes house
Panoramic window in the bedroom of Four Eyes house

The exterior of the residence is seen by its creators in white colors. In this way, the walls of the building are transformed into a canvas on which the sunlight tirelessly creates its masterpieces, welcoming and warming the occupants in the early morning, stepping unobtrusively into the mid-day and calling for calm and tranquility in the evenings.

Four Eyes house floor plan
Four Eyes house floor plan
Four Eyes house floor plan
Four Eyes house floor plan
Four Eyes house layout
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