Notting Hill has a great example of unusual house interior

Unusual home interior. A bold combination of colors

A bold and somewhat crazy combination of colors

From the very entrance one can feel and perceive the architectural mood, it stretches like a thread through the space and leads one's gaze from the dark parquet floor in the living room, along the simple contours of the balustrade up the stairs to the intricate wooden framed window with a breathtaking view of London. But take a closer look and you find details or elements that are typical of Annabel Karim Kassar's signature style – a combination of different materials, textures, colors and textiles.

Casual home interiors: noble colors

Noble shades give the majesty

Unusual interior of the house. Bright modern furniture

Vibrant, modern furniture in a variety of styles

Unusual interior of the house - photo 1
Unusual home interior - photo 3
Unusual interior of the house - photo 5
Unusual home interior - photo 7
Unusual home interior - photo 8

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