Original construction house in Chayagasaka city by Japanese firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects

Have you ever played with a construction set with lots of parts?? Surely many visitors of Forum City will be surprised by such an unexpected question in the topic dedicated to architectural projects. But the answer will appear by itself after viewing the amazing work of Japanese designers from the firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects.

Tetsuo Kondo's unique house in the center of Japan

Immediately we should say that the architects faced the challenge of creating a comfortable home for a family of four people, which should be built in cramped conditions and also fit smoothly into the existing urban environment.

Located in the densely populated and dynamic Chayagasaka district, not far from the new subway station of the same name in Aichi prefecture, the house was completed in 2012.
The original design scheme of the building is a few cubic rooms located on several levels and in different planes, combined into a single system by means of no less intriguing staircases.

As many people do apartment design projects, This house is made with the use of modern environmentally friendly materials. For the exterior, corrugated metal panels painted in neutral gray were used, allowing the structure to blend inconspicuously into the space between the long-used housing. Inside there is an abundance of metal, which is used for the solid and elegant spans and many of the supporting structures, wood, which is almost a traditional material in the oriental style, and of course glass, as the architects wanted to have an open and bright space.

Tetsuo Kondo's unique house in central Japan
Unique house Tetsuo Kondo in the center of Japan
Tetsuo Kondo's one-of-a-kind house in the middle of Japan

Of course, you could have limited yourself to one floor, but children are growing up, they need to develop: play, learn, and parents also sometimes want to be alone. This is why we had the idea of creating the upper levels as small piazzas, located at different heights, and enclosed with glass panels for safety.

On these you will notice a children's corner with a low cabinet for toys, books and other learning objects (pencils, paints, plasticine, etc.)..) and a small table, an area for parents with two chairs, an area for joint adult and child play. The house even has several large terraces and large plants, which can function as relaxation rooms.

Tetsuo Kondo's unique house in the middle of Japan
Unique house Tetsuo Kondo in the center of Japan

Best designs The design of Tetsuo Kondo's mansions has always included well-kept patios, flowerbeds, lawns, gardens, and so on.. Of course the cramped conditions made it difficult to work out, but there is even a small courtyard and two small Japanese gardens.

Tetsuo Kondo's unique house in central Japan

According to the authors of this project, the atypical architecture of the building is designed to be transformed as the children grow and the needs of each family member change. In this case you can each time get a completely new building, because the modification of even one part of it will certainly affect the rest. It's like a kid's construction set.

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