Original design of the facade of a private home by S+PS Architects

The original facade: a wall of old windows and doors

A collage of old windows and doors

Some materials and elements from demolished houses in the city were reused. The facade itself embodies history and the memory of times gone by. It prepares the guest for what awaits him inside because the walls of the living room are the same collage of old doors and windows.

The original facade: black tube finish

Drainpipe wall

Dark wooden table in the living room interior

Revolving living room windows

The contrast of old and new is the main idea of the project. The interior of the house is designed in a modern style and the façade of the building is made of unbelievably old elements which evoke a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

Wooden Bedroom Wall Finish

Bedroom interior

The original facade of the house with big windows
Cozy sleeping space on the roof of the house
White glossy flooring with backlighting in the interior of a house with an original facade
Brick wall in the interior of a bedroom with an original facade
A floor plan of the house with the original facade - Picture 2
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