Simple, elegant, functional and simply beautiful country house

When it comes to the housing sector, there is a clear tendency lately to think beyond the mundane and the familiar. For many years now, there has been a growing momentum toward a clear shift from expansive and luxurious living to minimalism and elegance. More and more homeowners are choosing to detach themselves from their urban residences and settle down on the outskirts and the suburbs in a more modest setting. This is aided by technological advances that continue to surprise us, as scientists develop new technologies that make our lives far easier in many areas.

Country house with terrace

Compact house consists of modular steel panels with insulated finish. Panoramic windows, sliding doors allow you to make the surrounding world an integral part of the interior and make it the dominant direction. You will not believe it, the total area consists of only 90 sq. m, but it did not prevent to form a cozy atmosphere and comfortably arrange the internal space, where ergonomically arranged functional kitchen and dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Each zone has an open view of the surrounding area, because the local landscape is stunning and it simply can not be hidden behind solid walls.

Next to the main part of the building there is a terrace with comfortable sun loungers, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and enjoy the clean air. The design provides another significant advantage – if necessary, the owners can increase the area, for example, for the garage or additional rooms. Moreover, this process is not particularly difficult, because the house itself is created from metal modular parts in just 24 hours, what to say about the additional attachments.

Living room interior in the country house
Sun beds on the terrace of the country house
Living room interior in the country house

The kitchen and dining room in the house is an example of modern functionality and ergonomic use of space. In this area every inch is used for its intended purpose, the hostess is sure to like the practicality and functionality of both furnishings and built-in high-end appliances.

Interior of the bedroom in the country house
Interior of a bedroom in a country house

The small house demonstrates many advantages of prefabricated steel structures, the implementation of such a project is beneficial in economic terms, the construction of housing in a short time is quite realistic. Ecological safety for the environment and the person, minimizing the cost of building materials and the possibility of creating an interior, not different from that of similar urban residences. Cost-effectiveness is ideal for housing solutions in an area where it seems unrealistic and too expensive to build buildings.

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