The Treehouse is an interesting project by Andreas Wenning from Berlin, Germany

A new topic of discussion for our guests is the famous Treehouse, located in a residential area of Berlin on the shore of Lake Krumme Lanke. The project was designed by German architect Andreas Wenning. The basic concept of the building – the original tree house, which any child would dream to live in.

The Treehouse
Dizzen Treehouse

The entire interior is made of environmentally friendly material. Mature trees are part of not only the exterior, but also the interior. Only this way the citizen of the noisy city can relax from the hustle and bustle and feel surrounded by woodland. The minimalist furnishings and overall ambiance of the house make it an inviting place to spend time.

Treetops Treehouse
Treehouse dizzen
The interior of the Treehouse

Two unusual houses on the edge of the Grunewald Forest with a total floor space of 650 m were designed with the city dweller in mind2. The height of the buildings was 4 meters and the area of each building was 28 squares. Even if the houses are not very roomy, they have everything you need.

Treehouse floor plan

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