Tyson Sejel presents a new project: an energy-efficient, contemporary-style home

A forward-thinking project: an energy-efficient house with a structurally insulated panel
A forward-thinking project: an energy-efficient house with an Energy Star rating
Savvy project: Energy-saving house with heat recovery ventilation system (instead of traditional exhaust ventilation)
A forward-thinking project: an energy-efficient home with a fully insulated concrete floor and foundation
Far-sighted design: the plan of the second floor of an energy-efficient house

Well, this project takes the idea of energy efficiency to a whole new level. But most of us are not planning to build houses right now, but rather are interested in improving our existing homes.

Tyson shared a few tips on the subject. Here they are:

  • First of all you need to isolate the basement and the attic of the house, which is relatively easy to do. Meanwhile, this improvement will lead to significant savings in the family budget;
  • Those who have water heaters that need to be repaired or reinstalled should consider replacing them with hybrid ones.

Such a unit guarantees savings of $365 a year and pays for itself fairly quickly.

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