Zaha Hadid’s conceptual design of a futuristic high-rise apartment building

Kitchen interior by Zaha Hadid

The exterior of an unusual house with a bold design is defined by an exoskeleton that will hide the discernible outlines of the apartments. The lower and upper floors of the complex feature magnificent swimming pools and large terraces for sunbathing. The complex has a movie theater, cigar bar, billiard room, gym and fitness center, helipad, private elevators and other engineering facilities.

Living room interior by Zaha Hadid

The next picture shows the interior design of the complex. Panoramic window openings, modern decoration with phenomenal design elements, and mesmerizing illumination form a cozy and serene atmosphere in the room.

Interior of One Thousand Museum house by Zaha Hadid

The interesting One Thousand Museum home project by decorator and architect Zaha Hadid in the American city of Miami, Florida, is a phenomenal and matchless engineering masterpiece.

The remarkable location in a vibrant seaside neighborhood surrounded by picturesque and expressive vegetation, the charming architectural design, the modern and innovative interior design, and the chic infrastructure attract close attention and public interest.

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