A selection of unique garden lights – recommendations of professionals

Outdoor lighting for your yard

For a harmonious distribution of light that accompanies you to the main entrance of the house, you can use lamp limiters. They reduce the area of light up to 1 meter, thus creating individual “islands”of light. Design pieces made of different materials, such as wrought iron, are recommended to add a stylistic saturation to these areas.


Alleyways between your house and garden can be optimally fitted with beautiful decorative, evenly shaped fittings. It can be a small “fireflies” placed on both sides of the path. They add a romantic touch to your surroundings. No less interesting will look a combination of energy-saving lighting fixtures with decorative stands.

Exterior garden lighting

Light elements, symmetrically located on the walls of the house, will help to create a cross lighting effect. It'll put the night veil over your garden in a surprising twist.

Exterior site lighting
Outdoor lighting for your garden
Outdoor lighting for your garden
Exterior garden lighting
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