Ornamental bird drinker amidst a flowery carpet of honeydew

Flowerbed with bird drinker

Layout plan

  1. Tuberous cottonwood (or yarrow "Anthea");
  2. New England aster "Purple Dome" (or New England aster "Red Star");
  3. Buddleia Davida;
  4. Echinacea purpurea 'Bright Star' (or phlox melodicum 'Eva Cullum';
  5. Liatris spikelets "Floristan Violet";
  6. Monarda doublet;
  7. Goldsturm brilliant rudbeckia (or Sunray large-flowered coreopsis);
  8. Feather-weedle "Matrona" (or iris "Bandury Ruffles");
  9. Golde Fleece (or scabiosa "Butterfly");
  10. Blue fescue 'Elijah Blue' (or multiflowered milkweed);
  11. Sea lobularia;
  12. Parsley curly;
  13. Zinnia exquisite.

This flowering plant with an elegant bird drinker is designed for an open, sunny spot.

Flowerbed with bird drinker

Plants used

  1. Cultured Delphinium (cultivars) – Delphinium x cultorum;
  2. Astilbe arendsii – Aslilbe x arendsii;
  3. Przewalski's bouzulnik – Ligularia przewalskii;
  4. Luzula pilosa;
  5. Plantain hosta – Hosta plantaginea;
  6. Hosta lancifolia (varieties) – Hosta lancifolia.
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