The ABC of landscape design: flowerbeds and their importance for completing plant layouts

Scheme of a perennial garden bed

Flower bed scheme

Scheme for a flowerbed of two flowers

A flowerbed with a selection of flowers in two primary colors –blue and orange:

  1. Larkspur (Delphinium elatum)
  2. Toothed Busulnik (Ligularia dentata)
  3. Anchusa azurea ‘Loddon Royalist’ (Anchusa azurea ‘Loddon Royalist’)
  4. Echinops ritro
  5. Lily longiflorum ‘Enchantment’ (Lilium longiflorum ‘Enchantment’)
  6. Phlox ‘Citrus’; (Phlox ‘Citrus’)
  7. Achillea ‘Terracotta’ (Achillea ‘Terracotta’) 
  8. Scarlet grass ‘Werner Arends’ (Ceum coccineum ‘Werner Arends’)
  9. Large-flowered Livestock ‘Blauer Zwerg’ (Delphinium grandiflorum ‘Blauer Zwerg’) 
  10. Potentilla tonguei (Tonga lupa)
  11. Veronica broadleaf ‘Kapitaen’ (Veronica teucrium ‘Kapitaen’) 
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