Bridges that connect homes to the outside world

A bridge that leads to a glass house

This home of linear design appears to rest on a wide driveway.

The houses in both pictures are visually open to those in the middle of the path to them. Because of the lack of a railing, the crossing itself seems rather abstract, it is more of a simultaneous continuation of the street and the space of the house.

A concrete bridge as a driveway to the house

A wooden bridge adjacent to a home with a view of the Pacific Ocean is only needed to enhance the beauty of the site it spans. The exquisite landscaping in this area is a miniature replica of the surrounding nature.

Bridge over plants

And in the case of this house, that's exactly the case! Well, you don't have to wear rubber boots to get to the door. A stream flows below, likely manmade, and the murmuring of water washing over rocky rapids serves as musical accompaniment as you travel across the bridge.

Bridge over a flowing pond

This house and the lot on which it stands simply breathe peace and tranquility. The feeling comes from the peaceful smoothness of the pool, stone paths, wooden walls, columns and rectangular roof. In fact, the bridge passes through a rainwater tank, laid around the house through several terraces.

Home Terrace

And in this case, the mini pool with water lilies acts as a transition between spaces, proving that any bridge can be laid not literally.

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