Decorating a place for a barbecue in a modern style

Cutlery pocket from jeans

Dish racks made of denim material will look unusual, but charming on the table. You can make them yourself without spending too much money for décor.

All you have to do is grab a pair of old denim pants and apply some imagination. You can make small rectangular mats with pockets to neatly stack cutlery. Also, they will gracefully look composition of garden flowers.

2. Ordinary glass jars as a decorative element

Flowers in a jar outside

Wildflowers bring joy and peace, so they are very popular. For outdoor dining, these plants are also great. The design idea is simple, but the result will be amazing.

It's enough to collect a few daisies, forget-me-nots, and buttercups without spending a penny on decorations. You can create small compositions and put them in small glass jars decorated with a simple rope or string. Also, a voluminous bouquet of flowers in a jar, placed in the center of the table will look beautiful.

4. Draping a table with a simple checkered tablecloth

Round table for a buffet table

Covering the table with simple burlap and arranging the dishes and utensils intelligently, you can get a rustic picnic design. In addition to the necessary elements, you can decorate the place to eat with the gifts of nature.

Putting compositions of garden flowers in ordinary glass jars, you will achieve an unpretentious and romantic atmosphere. This decor would look spontaneous and feminine, and therefore fun and casual.

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