Ecodesign basics: pool decoration

Ecodesign in pool decoration

As has already been said, the purity of water in such pools is not ensured by the use of chlorine and other aggressive substances. Their function is taken over by useful bacteria and microorganisms, as well as plants that live directly in the ponds or in the surrounding area.

The water passes through a fine filter that frees it from sediment and putrefactive bacteria, and then flows back into the pool.

Swimming pool décor with living plants

Some people fear that in the absence of chemical antiseptics, the pool will become a habitat for a variety of animals and insects. These fears are in vain: a fine filter prevents stagnant water and, therefore, the breeding of mosquitoes and bugs.

As for animals, they can certainly be attracted to a pool so similar to nature's. But we think it's worth putting up with the occasional visit from deer, frogs, and other friendly fauna for the pleasure of a truly eco-friendly and safe pool.

Swimming Pools on Your Own Plot

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